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Two Main Faults May Happen to Grizzly Feeder - блог на Apoi.ru

Two Main Faults May Happen to Grizzly Feeder

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The Vibrating grizzly Feeder is mainly used to feed material into the primary crusher homogeneously and continuously. Meanwhile, it can screen material, making the crusher more powerful. Proven performance and maintenance free operation make our vibrating feeders the first choice in vibrating feeders for the most demanding applications including public utilities, mining, metals production, food processing, cement, and other industries.An d today we will say the Two Main Faults May Happen to vibrating Grizzly Feeder.

1, double particle connecting spring plate group of adjustment

The amplitude of a chute has two factors: one is the feed mechanical and electrical magnetic vibration force size, frequency, The second is vibratory feeder own natural frequency of vibration. According to the mechanical vibration resonance principle, it is known that only when the feeding machine vibration frequency and electromagnet vibration frequency is near resonance occur, chute amplitude of the maximum. General will be tuning value selection in the range of 0.85 ~ 0.9. Work practice has proved when tuning value below the range value, vibrating feeder line ability to drop, small amplitude. Above this range value, feeding machine working condition in the unstable range. Tuning value is by adjusting the double particle connecting spring plate group of stiffness to make changes. Double particle spring plate group adjustment methods: in the adjustment to the air gap after the adjustment, they can begin to spring plate group stiffness of adjustment.

2, electromagnet core and armature room air gap setting

Electromagnetic vibration feeding machine core and armature room air gap size directly affect the normal vibrating feeder China operation of the feeder machine, such as improper adjustment, light person make current increase, amplitude decrease and can not be normal operation, or will have a core of collisions, which lead to the damage of iron core and coil. So the regular of air gap for inspection and adjustment is to guarantee the operation of the important conditions. Air gap adjustment methods: when using overhaul screw adjust good connection fork position, they can begin to adjust air gap size, general air gap adjustment to 1.9 ~ 2.2 mm or so, in order to convenient adjustment can be in before the adjustment homemade several pieces standard block, so when adjusting can be directly used to block adjustment. Finally certainly must tighten with locking nut.

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Vibrating grizzly Feeder: www.china-cementmill.com/pp/vibrating-grizzly-feeder.html

Grizzly Feeder: www.china-sand-maker.com/machine/p20.html

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