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Hasten Cleanse—Vapor Suppression and Mitigation - статья на Apoi.ru

Hasten Cleanse—Vapor Suppression and Mitigation

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Mitigation is sustained measures performed for reducing and eliminating long-term risk to the environment and people from their hazards and effects.

Our Hasten Cleanse neutralizing agent is beneficial for your on-site cleaning, decontamination, and restoration of land from damage.

Identify, isolate, and eliminate contaminants with our neutralizing agent for hydrocarbons in fuel products, crude oil, and petrochemicals.  Since these oils hate water and do not mix, they are considered immiscible, not forming a homogeneous mixture when added with hydrocarbons.  This is why water can never be used to cleanup or control spills.  Furthermore, rather than lowering risk, using water can actually increase hazards on a fuel spill.

The Hasten Cleanse suppression of vapor for a spill response has an astounding ability to suppress or totally eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Our objective is to deliver the chemical product you need to tackle your hydrocarbon spill cleanup and suppression of vapor mitigation.  Our product is environmentally-friendly and we consider the users, never sacrificing their safety.

Since our product is not just a foam that subdues vapor only until the foam blanket subsides, we can positively say that our exceptional product captures and emulsifies hydrocarbons providing long-term vapor suppression.

Our product can be applied on windy days and hilly terrain.  On large sites it can be applied with water trucks, sprinkler systems, and eductors.  Small tasks can use our product spread over the oil with a garden hose and a fertilizer attachment or a hand-pump spray unit.

Hasten Cleanse has three responses needed for hydrocarbons to:

  • Emulsify
  • Encapsulate
  • Disperse

With our water-based, biodegradable, non-abrasive surfactant, we consult with engineers, chemical engineers, and scientists for the best possible vapor suppression and mitigation, hydrocarbon spill remediation, degassing solutions, and hydrocarbon cleaning.

Agitation improves the physical reaction to oils to facilitate it to be physical, not only chemical. This action will separate ring structures including long-chain hydrocarbons into micro-emulsions. Our product weakens the cohesive forces holding the structure in a progressive sequence, yet does not break the structure in its separation in the final reaction of dispersion.

Our product exceeds the competitors' simple wetting agents. The ability to encapsulate and emulsify reduces vapor being released with the purpose of not supporting combustion and help to suppress vapor release.

Hydrocarbon cleaning of metal surfaces at chemical plants, refineries, and off-shore rigs is achieved with our environmentally responsible product. Our product is capable of lifting hydrocarbons up from the surfaces encapsulating them for responders to leave an accident scene in a safer condition.

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