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PHP7.0- Important Things Must Know About Latest Version - статья на Apoi.ru

PHP7.0- Important Things Must Know About Latest Version

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PHP 7.0 is a completed and latest version of PHP, which has launched with its latest and exciting features as well as amazing performance. If your site is built on PHP based CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and Drupal, it is the best time to upgrade your site because PHP 7.0 is a set of the newest and amazing features. Here is a list of seven important things to know about PHP 7.0 version.  In addition, by selecting web development Services Company, you can know more about PHP 7.0 version.

The Name-   PHP 6.0 was considered to be a big release but the project failed due to many problems. The performance of this version was not up to the mark. Users confused the newest version of PHP with modified PHP 6.0. So, the problem was solved by the latest version PHP version 7.0 in the place of 6.0.   Zend Powered PHPNG    Zend engine is used to power up PHP. Zend Engine II launched at the time of PHP version5.0.  Its newest version is powered with Zend New generation. So, it is called PHPNG. PHP supports almost all extensions given below-             ·        Interbase           ·        MSSQL           ·        PDO_OCI           ·        OCI8           ·        SYBASE_CT           ·        PDO_DBLIB   Abstract Syntax Tree- AST has improved in PHP 7.0. It allows you to implement Syntax in the intermediary structure simply. It permits to give out opcodes directly from the parser and eliminate many hacks to make execution simpler.   Making Error Handling Easier   Handling fatal errors and catchable in PHP has never been simpler than in PHP 7.0.  PHP updates display that the latest engine exceptions will place again old errors from PHP v5.   Cloud Computing Solutions-   With cloud computing solutions, you can retrieve or extract files, but also you will be able to exchange your files from one cloud to another cloud server, whenever you are required.   64-Bit Windows Support System-   PHP 5.X series was not given 64-bit Windows support system but PHP 7.0 offers this support. For boosting PHP 7.0 performance, it will permit the sites to support native 64-bit integers as well as big files.   Doubled Speed   PHP New Generation engine has visualized on the idea of boosted speed. PHP7 development will provide boosted PHP 7 performance in 2 ways: ·        It will permit you to serve a similar number of users or traffic loading. ·        The code of your website will be performed quicker. Above the discussion is very important for PHP 7.0 version. If you want to know more about it, web development Services Company will help you right to know more about PHP 7.0 version.  

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